Self Care & Self Kindness Pt1


The focus for today’s writing is to try and focus on the good things in our lives, the things we manage to do, not the things we neglect. I will get in the counter argument early, yes it is important to acknowledge were we fail and fall down BUT it is more important to work out ways to avoid doing it again or just accept that it happens and learn how to pick back up again.

It is the difference between sitting looking back and feeling rubbish about yourself and looking forward about how things can be better. Sometimes you have to weather the storm of a bad day, or a bad week and keep going on the basis of you know it will pass. The last week I’ve taken a pretty bad dip, but I kept going as best I could and yesterday I started to pick up again. I got the gym, I didn’t eat crap… I’ve started a turn around. I know, I’ll have to do it again. 

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is a different way to label these ‘failures’ so it doesn’t sound so dire in your head. Much like changing the way we use the words should, want and need to better represent real priorities and to change the way we pressure ourselves. Though finding a way to word it that doesn’t put ourselves down still is tricky. After some input from friends I’ve had a suggestion that sounds good to me, it depends on how your mind works as does a lot of what I say but the idea is to approach it like a maths problem from an external viewpoint as if you were advising a friend.

  • Jenny wants to exercise for 30 minutes a day. This week she achieved her goal twice.
    • What can Jenny do to improve?
      • What went right?/why did she do it those days
      • What went wrong?/ Why didn’t it happen
      • What can she do to make the stuff that went wrong look more like the stuff that went right
    • It takes out the personal nature of the problem meaning that you don’t emotionally respond and you have a positive action moving forward.

What do you think? Do you have your own ideas?

Part 2 will follow later today or tomorrow, I figured I’d get this out there then continue later.

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