Headache and Exhaustion

Not going to be a long one today but in the spirit of the blog I felt I should write something since I am now capable of looking at a screen again.

So after my posts yesterday I came over with a case of exhaustion and what I like to call lead body syndrome. Everything just felt heavy and getting anything done went out of the question. This led to some poor self care with respect to eating habits and a rather early night. My legs had been hurting all day from my gym sessions Saturday and Sunday in which I really kinda overdid it in that I was quite whoozy when I stopped exercising.

They carried on in the same vein today along with a feeling of tiredness. I did however in good self care make sure I had a breakfast to take to work, a morning snack and a healthy rounded lunch in my new bento box. A light sandwich, with a salad and some celery sticks and hummus.

I felt detached all day, kind of floaty and separate. I am aware that this might be my increased dosage but I only started yesterday so I wouldn’t have expected a distinct change in how I feel yet but I did expect some level of adjustment.

Then I noticed the tension, my shoulders and neck are solid and all across my scalp feels tight. And I had an even weirder moment where it felt like my eyes were under pressure and I was going cross-eyed. It only lasted about 30 seconds but my eyes stayed under pressure after. I got home and had a nap and it improved, to not ruin my streak I had some veg with my tea to keep myself well nourished but I still feel exhausted and tense.

I am still sat toying between going to bed, having a shower or a nice long bath. You would think at 30 I would know how to help rid my body of tension but today I resorted to a twitter post for tips.  It is days like today where fighting or trying to feel better just feels like it is slapping me in the face.

If anyone has any pro tips for helping resistant muscles relax they would be much appreciated.

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