Time, Food and Thoughts

Lack of Self Care Today:

So my alarm went off for my normal get up, I’d planned to have breakfast and make lunch but I was just tired so I put another hour on my alarm and went back to sleep. The consequence? I had to make do with fibre one bars out of the cupboard for a late breakfast and yesterdays fried rice for lunch… neither of which was enough food or a well rounded enough meal.

Self Care Today:

I did however make it to the doctors on time, had a chat and decided to up my medication. More about that in today’s other post, there was a lot to say so I split it up >> https://selfcarediary.blog/2018/04/16/drugs-and-tears/

Inspired by my earlier failure in the day on my way home I bought a bento lunch box and some sandwich/salad materials (should be a pic in the featured image). So my plan is to have a ham and cheese sandwich with a salad underneath and in the side compartments I’ll probably cut up some celery and ditch in some of the hummus I have in the fridge. I’ve also debated some cous cous, lightly boiled vegetables, pumpkin seeds or grapes.

I should probably make the point here that my most commonly eaten foods when not behaving are KFC and Chinese takeaway. If you don’t count Japanese food which just isn’t common enough to become a regular thing over here. Vegetables and fruit… just aren’t on the menu or rather haven’t been in my day to day life. I don’t like the taste or the texture and why would I eat those when I can enjoy good old meat? If my body would continue to run well like that I wouldn’t want to change, I’m a carnivore. Unfortunately my body needs me to be an omnivore.

This is probably going to be one of the harder parts of self care for me, it also goes hand in hand with my self image problems which I will probably explain more in its own post at some point. I’ve done diets and tried to loose weight, I eat less or eat more vegetables find new and interesting ways to mask the flavours. Previously its always been as a goal to reduce my weight to get back to the weight I used to be before I left Uni and my metabolism was ruined by the contraceptive injection and I put on 2 stone in 6 months.


So I want to do exercise every day to help relive stress. Stress as you may know is a result of the fight or flight instinct being unresolved and exercise helps relieve this. Sadly in my urge to burn calories and have ‘a good workout’ I overdid it and now have very sore thighs. My lesson here is that if I want to do daily exercise I am going to have to go easier on myself at least for awhile. I still plan on having my big Friday gym sessions with friends where I really go for it.

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